Historical Black CollegeTour
The transition from high school to college isn't always easy. Aside from deciding what your
major will be, many high school graduates are also faced with the decision to attend an
institution that is in state or out of state. For me those decisions were easy; I wanted to
attend an institution that was out of the state of Texas, one that was far away, but still close
enough to drive home for the holidays and I wanted to major in Nursing. With those
decisions signed and sealed, I still needed a little extra help in deciding which institution
would be best for me to deliver my future for success! So In the summer of 2001 I got an
early start and took part in one of the most positive and rewarding experiences that I will
forever remember! The Historical Black College Tour presented me with not only
opportunities to learn about academic value, but also with the opportunity to learn about my
rich heritage and build everlasting friendships. After having so many great institutions to
chose from; in the fall of 2004 I found myself walking the campus grounds of Tennessee
State University in Nashville, Tennessee, an institution that made the top of my list during
the Historical Black College Tour. I entered as an undergraduate freshman majoring in
Nursing. With thanks going out to the Historical Black College Tour and its directors for
being my guiding light, four years later; I now have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing
from Tennessee State University and I proudly sing, “In the land of golden sunshine, by the
Cumberland’s fertile shore, stands a school for greater service, one that we adore, alma
mater how we love the, love thy white and blue, may we strive to reach thy mandate, with
faith that’s true…TSU!!”

Ashlee Stanciell, Tennessee State University
I was a part of the Gibbs Travel Agency 2007 Black College Tour and I believe it certainly
helped to influence the decision I made for which school I planned to attend. In my eyes it
was both an amazing and informative tour. It not only provided me with a visual of how all
the universities looked, but it also informed me of the schools ambiance, how the campus life
was, whether or not the food was trash, and what other extracurricular programs the schools
had to offer. Overall, the tour was a wonderful experience that in the long run helped me to
realize that Savannah State University was the school I wanted to attend.

Aakhira Bonds, Savannah State University
First off, I would like to say that the Gibbs Black College Tour was amazing. The tour
really helped me decide which HBCU was right for me. Ultimately I decided that Howard        
University was right for me, and so I will be attending in Fall 2009. Thanks to the Gibbs          
Travel Agency Black College Tour I made an excellent choice, because before the tour I had
never visited Howard University or any other HBCU before. I recommend Gibbs Travel to
anybody who hasn't been on an HBCU tour and wants to visit.  Ms. G. Stanford, an employee
of Gibbs Travel and a Howard  University alumnus wrote one of my letters of
recommendation to get into Howard University, and without her contribution I couldn't have
achieved my goal.

Shaadiya Bonds, Howard University
HBCU Tours are a window into the future of our youth.  During an on-campus tour,
students can see their potential as scholars, professionals, and leaders in their
communities.  They learn about research, careers, and opportunities that they never
envisioned for themselves.   These tours open the eyes of students who never could see
themselves past their own oppressive environments.  They see people like themselves who
are working hard, in school, for their families, communities, nation, and the world.   From
this experience, I have seen youth overcome many obstacles to matriculate successfully
through HBCUs to become outstanding professionals and leaders throughout our country
and the world.

Alveta Addison
Howard University
My experience as a Chaperone on the Black College Tour was both unique and
enlightening. As a product of a Historically Black University "Howard University", it was
good to see that there are so many more Black Universities across the country that can
meet the individual needs of our children.  As we traveled from state to state, the students
were able to tour the different campuses, ask informative questions, and experience what
dorm life is like, and some were actually able to make connections with the people who
worked in the admissions office. I have an 11 year old who has been on the tour twice--it's
never too early to prepare your children for college!!!

Tamara Dean
Gear UP Coordinator/College Advocate
To Future Tour Students and Parents,

The Historical Black College Tour coordinated by Gibbs Travel Service was one of the
most exciting college tours I have ever participated in and chaperoned.  As a parent of one
of the students, I was excited about my daughter having the opportunity to tour well known
and distinguished black colleges. As an avid traveler and informed parent, I could not have
presented my daughter with the opportunity to tour eight colleges in 10 days for under
$600...what a bargain. Because of it, my daughter attends Spelman College.  As a
chaperone, it was exhilirating watching students get excited about possible schools they
may attend, asking questions, being engaged, and receiving more information than they
ever could have received on their own.

I would recommend this college tour to any parent and student in the 10th, 11th, and 12th
grade, regardless of whether they plan on going to college or not...its a life learning
My desire is to partner with Gibbs Travel Service to open up this opportunty to students at
the school and the young ladies in the YELL! Mentoring Program

Our Vision: One GIRL. One MENTOR. JoAnn Ajayi-Scott, Founder/ National Consultant
Young Essence Ladies...Learning(YELL)